1. Introduction

1.1. This document records the terms and conditions of your gymnastics membership with STARplex. Please read this document carefully.

1.2. STARplex rules may change at times. A copy of the most up to date rules is available here.

2. Membership Application

2.1. Your application will be considered upon receipt of a completed and signed membership application.

2.2. Members under eighteen (18) years must have a parent/guardian complete and sign the membership contract.

2.3. STARplex reserves the right to refuse membership without reason.

3. Periodic Agreement

3.1. *Periodic Agreement. A periodic agreement is an ongoing agreement continuing from supply period to supply period until you or STARplex terminates the membership in accordance with the Fair Trading Regulations 2007.

3.2. Gymnastic memberships are a periodic agreement that continue until terminated in accordance with section five (5).

4. Gymnastics Supply Period

4.1. STARplex direct debit Gymnastics memberships have a minimum 4 week supply period.

5. Direct Debit Cancellation

5.1. You may cancel at any time during the supply period, the cancellation will take effect at the end time of the supply period.

5.2. Two weeks’ notice is required to cancel any gymnastics membership.

5.3. You are able to cancel earlier than the supply period but will be liable for the membership fees to the End Time of the supply period.

5.4. You are able to attend the final two lessons or alternatively have one further fortnightly direct payment taken from your nominated bank account/credit card.

5.5. A cancellation form must be completed and submitted to the STARplex Reception in person or via email: enquire@starplex.com.au two weeks prior to the final lesson date.

5.5.1. It remains the responsibility of the member to ensure the cancellation request has been received.

6. Price Increases/Changes to Memberships

6.1. Fourteen (14) days’ notice will be given in the event of any changes to price structure of the membership. Members will be notified in writing dependent on contact information in our data base at the time of notification.

7. No Lesson Periods

7.1. During the No Lesson Period all Gymnastics membership direct debits will be suspended.

7.2. The No Lesson Period occurs for eight (8) weeks annually with the dates being communicated to members on sign up of membership. The dates will also be available on our website here and an email will be sent one month prior to the No Lesson Period starting.

8. Medical Suspensions / Special Events / Public Holidays

8.1. Medical Suspensions

8.1.1. A medical suspension will occur if a medical certificate is presented after two or more consecutive lessons are missed.

8.2. Special Events

8.2.1. In the event of STARplex cancelling lessons due to an event, a credit equivalent to one lessons payment will be applied to your account. You will be notified two weeks prior to any carnival that is scheduled.

8.3. Public Holidays

8.3.1. There are no lessons on public holidays at STARplex unless specified otherwise via email a minimum of 14 days prior to the day. A credit equivalent to one lessons payment will be applied to your account.

9. Membership Suspension

9.1. Two weeks voluntary suspension can be taken throughout the year where you suspend your membership in accordance with this clause:

9.1.1. We will not charge you a suspension fee;

9.1.2. Suspensions must be taken in blocks of 7 days;

9.1.3. All of your membership entry entitlements will be suspended during the suspension period;

9.1.4. You are entitled to two weeks voluntary suspension per year from your commencement date.

9.2. Before you voluntarily suspend your membership you must inform us in writing that your membership will be voluntarily suspended at least 14 days prior to the time the period of voluntary suspension begins by:

9.2.1. Completing a suspension form at reception and leaving it with a receptionist.

9.2.2. Send or personally deliver a written suspension request such as a letter or email to enquire@starplex.com.au (please note it is the responsibility of the member to follow up a written request to ensure the request has been received).

9.2.3. You must pay all membership fees up to the date on which the period of voluntary suspension begins.

10. Management Rights

10.1 STARplex reserves the rights to change the gymnastics program at any time. This may include but is not limited to changing class times, instructors or format.

11. Photography/Video

11.1. The filming of people within STARplex is strictly prohibited and offenders will be asked to delete footage and leave the centre immediately.

11.2. STARplex does allow the capture of special moments for families. However, should you wish to take a photograph of a child in your care this can be done strictly under the supervision of a STARplex staff member.

12. Direct Debit Payments

12.1. All information regarding direct debit payments can be found in the DDR terms and conditions which can be found at www.starplex.com.au

12.2. As of 18th March 2024 all failed Direct Debit payments will incur a fee of $14.95 which will be passed onto the member. This fee is payable at STARplex reception or via your STARplex login at www.starplex.com.au

12.3. In the circumstances that three consecutive debit cycles fail or a debt has been accrued in excess of $150 the membership will be cancelled and an invoice issued for the total amount owing.

13. Student Behaviour

13.1. Inappropriate student behaviour is not acceptable and management reserves the right to remove a student from a lesson. No liability will be held by STARplex.

14. Privacy

14.1. The personal information requested as part of the membership application process is necessary to manage and provide membership services, and administer direct debit payments if applicable. This information will be used solely by STARplex for those primary purposes or any directly related purposes, as per our privacy policy. STARplex will make all reasonable effort to ensure the information is only disclosed to authorised staff and authorised external contractors or consultants. You can obtain a copy of our full privacy policy here.

14.2. STARplex may sometimes film or photograph the facilities, and you may appear in these images. By entering into this membership contract, you agree your image may be used in promotional and other business related material. A STARplex representative will confirm your consent.