Pro-Active Health has over 14 years of experience in supporting health and wellness for clients by providing clinical exercise prescription.

Located in STARplex Fitness Centre, their services include 1:1 and group exercise programs. They are experts in managing work, defence service and lifestyle-related chronic and acute health conditions.

Who can access their care;

  • They service all veterans with a white or gold card for all clinically necessary treatment.
  • Practitioners can work with you under the NDIS, providing tailored care to improve quality of life.
  • If you have a chronic condition, they can discuss how to access services with your GP through a Medicare team care arrangement.
  • If you are on a Return-to-Work policy, they can assist your pathway back to employment.
  • They are part of an exciting research project providing exercise treatment to men with prostate cancer.
  • Many private health funds now include exercise physiology treatment – please chat to us for further information.

Please email for information about referrals, pricing and appointments or visit their website here.

Telephone: 1300 890 507